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This is the home page for the Slackware mirror hosted by

Released Slackware version:14.2
Released Slackware version:14.2 x64

This service offers a full copy of ISO files at 32Bit and ISO files at 64Bit for the well know GNU/Linux distribution, since release 14.2 : we hope to help anyone proceeding with net installation or simply need a fast download channel.

It's also possible to get a copy of the Slackware Current Release (update daily).

You can access to directory tree and it's possible to do a remote installation by address.

This server is located in Turin, Piedmont, Italy: is hosted by TopIX consortium and maintained by Associazione Prometeo. It runs a 100 Mbs connection, and its IP address is .

For further details and information, please mail slackware [AT] openlabto [DOT] org